LOCATION: Sunshine

Brenco Surface engineering provides spray surface coatings and laser cladding, and restores industrial components. Affordable Defits was contracted to defit their large warehouse in Sunshine and make it ready for use by new tenants.

The substantial project required dismantling the roof, ceiling and internal walls. The flooring was removed, followed by grinding the concrete underneath, back to a smooth surface. All ducting throughout the warehouse was removed, as well as an external extraction system and internal split system.

Scaffolding was erected to facilitate removal of the roof, and cranes were also employed during the project, to assist with removing materials. The site was cleaned and all rubbish disposed of safely.

Affordable Defits is experienced with all types of industrial warehouse defits. The strictest health and safety standards are maintained at all times to ensure our staff and everyone on site is protected from dust, chemicals and accidents. We always wear safety clothing, suits and masks, and all rubbish is safely removed.

Last updated on Wednesday, April 14th 2021

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