Thinc Property Group

LOCATION: North Beach WA

Thinc Property Group is an international real estate company, employing 50,000 people worldwide. Thinc responded to the Covid-19 Pandemic in Melbourne by implementing a covid-friendly work from home policy. With a large proportion of their staff working from home, Thinc substantially downsized their office space. Affordable Defits worked across multiple floors defitting a substantial proportion of the office area, and repurposing office furniture.

Because of time constraints and logistics, it is very common for perfectly usable furniture and joinery from office defit projects, to end up in landfill. Affordable Defits has a policy to minimise as much waste as possible from all our defit projects. We seek to repurpose or donate all quality goods.

A majority of the office equipment removed from the Thinc Property defit project was repurposed. For example, purpose built joinery was donated to a school in need, filing cabinets and tambour units were all repurposed, and workstations were stored for re use in future office fitouts.

Last updated on Wednesday, February 24th 2021

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