Commercial Defits In Brisbane

Our brand name in Brisbane sticks out among the competition, and with a good reason! We have worked on numerous stripout projects in the area, always completing the job well within the due date, and within the client's budget! The popularity we enjoy in Brisbane is just another pointer to our quality work and professional standards!

With each demolition we complete, we create a new uplifting business story, and a new long-term partnership as we elevate the opportunity for success of our clients! Demolition is our passion, so our portfolio is exemplary, and every call to us is another addition to it with a satisfied client.

First step is to contact Affordable Defits. During a conversation with one of our project managers we will discuss the requirements of your defit and we will guide you towards to best options for your business.

Next, we will finalise the scope of works for the defit and plan our waste removal and recycling strategy. Once that's done, we'll provide you with an itemised quote that is fully transparent.

Our stripout methods are unique, and our team of experts has an extensive experience in turning any place into a squeaky-clean box, ready to be lease again. No matter of the size of your business, and the size of the project, we make it the focus of our attention until we deliver. With us your imagination will come to life, while also saving time & money for your business.

What can we do for you?

Let us safely and efficiently take out some or all of your existing fit out and restore it to a clean empty shell ready for refitting or re-leasing.

Working nationally, Affordable Defits has tackled a large range of commercial and corporate defits, from small offices to warehouses.

We provide the following:

Our team logically and systematically works through the requirements of the demolition project adhering to our strict occupational, health & safety protocols and regulations.
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Whether you are switching hands, moving tenancy or just need a new look, Affordable Defits can revert your tenancy back to a blank canvas.
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Affordable Defits specialise in retail, corporate and commercial strip outs. We can professionally and efficiently clear your space of its interior elements, ready for its new look.
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A predominant reason to make good a tenancy stems from the contractual obligations upon vacating a premises. In such cases, we work with these requirements to ensure your obligations are adhered to.
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Affordable Defits

Our Specialities

Office Defits

Affordable Defits can return your office space back to 'base build'.

Retail Defits

As expert shop fitters, we understand the process of undoing a fit out.

Hospitality Defits

We can remove all elements of a cafe, bar, restaurant or coffee shop fitout including front of house and back of house elements.

Fitness Centre Defits

Fitness Centre defits can be a complex project due to the size of the space and associated works with removing acoustic flooring and other elements.

Why should you choose Affordable Defits?

When it comes to commercial defits, it’s experience that counts.

We are experienced in meeting tight deadlines and working with minimal disruption to your neighbouring tenancies.

Always on time

Be sure that your business defit is done in no time and choose Affordable Defits Adelaide. We always deliver according to timeframes whether the project runs smoothly or encounters challenges along the way.

Guarantee stress-free

You can be sure that our project managers will transform your workspace while taking care of all the stresses and hassles that go along with it.

According to your requirements

The finishing product will be delivered according to the initial brief so all you have to do is sit back, relax and have a peace of mind.

Positive track record

Providing superior defits, strip outs, demolition & make good services that comply with Australian standards, Affordable Defits has a flawless track record.

Within budget

Always working to your budget, we never charge variations without your approval. We provide a full breakdown of costs and make sure we are always transparent and communicative throughout the process. You can trust that your defit will be delivered to a high standard on time and at the agreed price.

Fresh insight

Approaching each commercial defit uniquely, our professionals have full knowledge of the industry’s revolutionary ideas & procedures. They will educate you on your defit requirements and ensure that it stands out from the rest.

Ready to Work with Us?

Find out how our expert team can assist with your office defit, retail defit, end of lease, demolition or make good project.